Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Murad Hybrids: Skin Perfecting Primer Acne and Shine Control - Review

As I've stated many times before, I don't like wearing foundation.  I can't tolerate the feel of it on my skin and I find it quite difficult to find one pale enough, although admittedly this is less of a problem in recent years due to the vast improvement in shade range.  I'm hypersensitive to my skin feeling greasy/like something is on it, so generally foundation and I don't get on!  For this reason, primer is a product that's very important for me because it helps blur out any pores/imperfections without the full-on coverage of a foundation.  Primer is light enough so that the way it feels doesn't bother me.  I've tried several different primers in my quest to find one I really love - this is one of them!

Murad are a brand I'd not really heard of until I did some research on this primer.  They're an American doctor-developed brand (by dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad) that use advanced scientific research and practical clinical experience to create high performance skincare products.  Sounds very fancy!

I swapped for this primer over at Beauty Box Swappers on Facebook, and have used it several times in order to get a proper idea of whether it works for me or not.  Of course it's a spot-fighting one - Skin Perfecting Primer Acne and Shine Control (Blemish and Shine Control in the UK).  This is part of their Hybrids range, which is designed to minimise flaws instantly but also improve the look of your skin over time.

I swapped for a sample size so this is only 5ml - the full size is 30ml.  The packaging is the same though - a black tube with white writing on.  The primer contains 0.5% salicylic acid which is great for drying out spots and preventing future breakouts.  It also contains probiotic complex which resist harmful skin bacteria, Pore Factor-5 to reduce the appearance of pores and balance oil production, and Adaptive Shade Technology that creates a perfect skin tone match.  Sounds like a wonder product!
Like any primer, you apply this after moisturising and before or instead of foundation.  You can either use your fingers or a brush - I personally prefer to use a brush as I try to touch my face as little as possible so it doesn't get oily!
The primer has a pump-top applicator which is hygienic and allows for good control of how much product you get
The primer itself is a neutral colour and is quite watery.  It does have a scent to it but I'm not sure how to describe it - sort of medicinal maybe? It's not unpleasant though :)
On my arm it looks way too dark and orangey.  However, on my face it adapts to my skintone and doesn't look too dark, don't worry!  It's also a much thinner layer on my face
Sorry for the chronic bitchface and wonky septum piercing...  Anyway, as usual I've applied it to the left side of my face (your right) where my nose rings are.  The difference it's made hasn't shown up well in photos, but it has evened out my skintone and given me a matte finish.  I think the coverage is really very impressive for a primer and you can definitely skip foundation with it if you like light-medium coverage.  My one problem with it is that it feels slightly tacky to the touch, but a light dusting of powder easily fixes that
I like this primer!  I love that it's spot-fighting while offering coverage and you don't need to use much.  However, for the full-size 30ml tube it costs £29 which is way out of my price range and I don't think it's worth quite so much money.  It is good, but not almost thirty quid's worth!  My trusty Witch primer is just as good.

I actually think I'm too nasty to myself about my skin - yes, I do get some spots, but nowhere near as much as I tell myself I do and for the most part it's actually pretty clear.  I'd be interested to try the other Murad primers, especially their matte finish one.

In exciting news, I'm almost at 100 followers!  This is still a very small little blog but I can't believe so many people want to read my ramblings :)  When I do hit the big one-oh-oh I'll do some sort of giveaway - it'll be small as I am flat broke at the moment, but I want to say thank you somehow :)

Do you like Murad? What primer do you use?

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