Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil in Green Glow - Review & Swatches

It's always a risk to pop something in your online basket last minute - it can either pay off and you discover a great product you never would have tried otherwise, or you get a complete dud.  Unfortunately, when I added a Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil in Green Glow into my virtual basket on the spur of the moment, I made a poor judgement call.  I'll explain why...

The Liquid Effect Pencil comes presented in your typical wooden pencil format.  The colour corresponds to the shade, making it easy to spot when buried in my drawer of eyeliner pencils, and it's double ended with a nib and a smudger on each end.  I purchased the shade Green Glow, but there 5 other shades available: Black Fire, Brown Blaze, Violet Voltage, Silver Spark and Lilac Flame
At a glance, the nib looks very soft and reminds me of the look of Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils.  A word of warning - the nib is quite loose in the pencil casing, and doesn't sharpen well - expect lots of wasted product as the nib will snap/crumble!
The smudger end looks like a dark blue rubber and is very stiff - basically like one of those horrible rubbers you get on normal pencils that don't actually rub anything out
Here I have swatched the pencil as is (bottom) and smudged with the smudger (top).  Firstly, the pigmentation was seriously lacking - I had to draw back and forth several times to get this level of colour as the nib was quite stiff.  The colour is beautiful though - a golden lime green that really does glow from within. Secondly, the smudger is completely useless and seems to actually erase the pencil as opposed to smudging it...
This pencil is called 'Liquid Effect' because it's meant to mimic the look of a liquid eyeliner.  Unfortunately, this really isn't the case and it applied patchily and was difficult to use on the delicate eye area.  It was a nightmare on the lid, where the skin moves a lot, and not easy on the waterline either (which is where I'm wearing it in this photo).  It's a real shame because I love the colour

The worst thing about all this is that this pencil cost £6.99.  Not bank breaking, but definitely not a budget buy either, and for the quality I'd have been annoyed to have paid anything!  I will use it as I adore the shade, but probably as an inner corner highlight only because it's too finnicky for anything else.  I don't understand how products like this get through quality control...

I can't speak for how the rest of the shades perform (although other reviews are also quite negative) but I really wouldn't recommend this pencil.  It's a shame as this is the first thing I've ever actually tried from Max Factor - what product of theirs would you recommend?


  1. I looked at your instagram pictures and i love your look :D keep it up!

  2. Ah, sorry this was a disappointment! The shade itself is super pretty, but the formula definitely sounds lacking.


    1. It is a real shame as the colour is so pretty :( x

  3. this sucks! I have a couple polishes and a blush from the brand, but if I'm ever in the UK again I will stay away from this product :(


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