Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lush of the Week: Oatifix

Hi everyone!  Today I have Lush's Oatifix Fresh Face Mask up for review.  This is the last one I had to try - let's see what I thought...
Lush Fresh Face Mask Oatifix Review
As with most of my Fresh Face Mask reviews, this is based on a sample.  A full size 75g tub of Oatifix costs £6.25.  The mask is a browny beige colour with quite a wet consistency.  As with all Fresh Face Masks, it needs to be kept in the fridge as the ingredients spoil quicker than a product with preservatives 
Lush Fresh Face Mask Oatifix Review swatch
The wet consistency means the mask spreads well and I didn't need to worry about it causing irritation.  Oatifix contains Fine Oatmeal, Fresh Organic Fair Trade Banana, Ground Almonds, Illipe Butter, Kaolin, Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, Benzoin Resinoid and Coumarin which all work together to deeply cleanse and nourish the skin.  The ingredients give the mask an oaty, sweet smell that reminds me a bit of Weetabix!
Lush Fresh Face Mask Oatifix Review swatch
Once I started putting this mask on my face, it started to make me feel a bit grossed out.  It had quite a buttery, moisturising base combined with the wet oats and it was very reminiscent of smearing cold porridge or a soggy flapjack all over my face... not pleasant!  The oats did mean it was gently exfoliating as I applied it
I was really worried my face would be an absolute oil slick once I washed this off, but I was pleasantly surprised to find clean, nourished and bright skin.  I expect this mask would be absolutely incredible for dry, irritated skin due to the oats and butter.  Even though it left my skin feeling nice, I really disliked how it felt on the face and I definitely won't be repurchasing for that reason.

Have you tried this mask?  I also got a really positive response to my Soap & Glory body scrub round up post, so would you like to see one of Lush's masks?


  1. This definitely sounds interesting! Nice to hear it didn't leave you feeling greasy. May have to try it out during the wintertime when my skin needs some extra love. It would be great to see a Lush fresh mask roundup post! xo



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