Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Body Shop Mango Body Sorbet - Review

Hi everyone!  Today I'll be reviewing a product I was so excited for - it took several trips instore and some patient waiting before they were finally released. Of course, I'm talking about The Body Shop's new Body Sorbets.  I really wanted a lovely light cooling moisturiser for summer, and I think I've found it!

The Body Shop Mango Body Sorbet Review
The Body Sorbet comes in a large plastic tube which has a slightly frosted effect.  I went for the Mango scent, but it also comes in Strawberry, Pink Grapefruit, Satsuma and Moringa.  You get a huge 200ml of product for £8 and a little goes a long way so this is great value for money!
The Body Shop Mango Body Sorbet Review ingredients
It contains Honey, Sesame Seed Oil, Mango Seed Oil and Aloe Vera (as well as some other more chemically looking ingredients).  I believe it's the Aloe Vera that gives this moisturiser its unique texture!
The Body Shop Mango Body Sorbet Review swatch
It's the consistency of this product that's so unique... it's a really light gel which is the appropriate colour for the scent - in the case of Mango, a pale orange.  It's slightly cloudy/frosty looking which really is reminiscent of sorbet!  It sinks into the skin within seconds, releasing a cool refreshing burst of moisture and a delicious fruity scent.  I think this smells more like nectarine than mango, but it's still delicious!
This really is the perfect summer moisturiser - it's so light, cooling and fresh smelling :) I think if you have very dry skin year round this may not be hydrating enough, but it would still make an amazing after sun treatment.  It's not so cooling that it would be uncomfortable to use in Winter, either.  This is a permanent item and I can see myself making the switch long term as it is so pleasant to use.

Have you got your hands on one of these Body Sorbets yet?  What do you think?


  1. This looks really good :) I like the look of the texture!

    1. It's a really unique formula - a must try in my opinion! x

  2. Ah, I've heard nothing but good things about these- the texture sounds so unique and perfect for summer! And I love anything with the Mango scent. Glad you're liking this too! xo


    1. You should definitely give this a try, Jen - it's as good as everyone says :) x

  3. Body Shop's Mango Body Butter is one of my favourite things ever, so this goes straight on the 'gotta try it!' list.

    (The photos of the ingredients labels are greatly appreciated.)

    I've been doing a bit of back-reading of your blog because I like it so much, but I've noticed that the pages load really, really slowly... and I have a monstrously fast connection.
    Could it be the .png image format? I heard it's quite large and less effective for photos than .jpg.

    1. Thank you! And that's odd... it's not something I've ever had mentioned before and my photos have been .png for a long time (that's just the way my PC automatically saves them). It loads okay for me, and I don't have a particularly quick connection... I can try switching to .jpg and see if that helps! Could you let me know if it remains slow over the next couple of days? I have lots of scheduled posts with .png images coming up so the change won't happen for a couple of weeks, but it would be interesting to see if that fixes things x

    2. Sure :) !

      Most people probably load post by post, and don't go back-reading... everything.
      A single post, with just a few images, loads okay.

    3. That's true... I asked on Twitter and most people said they weren't having any problems. Tried again myself and there is a bit of lag but nothing major. I will make the switch to .jpg and see if that helps things as even if it's only a few people having an issue I want to make things as smooth as possible. Thanks for flagging it up! Things should switch to .jpg around the second week of August, so do let me know if things improve then :) x

    4. Gah, sorry to swamp you with comments, but I forgot in the last one - the picture of you with the oat mask from the last post is over 2 MB as a png, it's 400 kB as a jpg ('Best Quality' setting). When that multiplies by the number of images per page, it really adds up.

      I ran across a nice page about that yesterday, but I can't find it now, sorry :( .
      It pretty much boiled down to this: gifs and pngs are good for text, logos and things like that - they're big, but they save the crispness of the lines. Jpegs are good for photos - they're compressed and they save all the colours, omitting just what a human eye wouldn't even register.

      I found this page:
      "JPEG - Lossy / Direct

      JPEGs images were designed to make detailed photographic images as small as possible by removing information that the human eye won't notice. As a result it's a Lossy format, and saving the same file over and over will result in more data being lost over time. It has a palette of thousands of colours and so is great for photographs, but the lossy compression means it's bad for logos and line drawings: Not only will they look fuzzy, but such images will also have a larger file-size compared to GIFs!

      Good for: Photographs. Also, gradients."


      "PNG-24 - Lossless / Direct
      Even though PNG-24s allow thousands of colours while having compression, they are not intended to replace JPEG images. A photograph saved as a PNG-24 will likely be at least 5 times larger than a equivalent JPEG image, which very little improvement in visible quality."

      Aaand... I feel like I just went a bit overboard will all the info.

    5. Not overboard at all! Thanks, that's really helpful :) I used some transparency around the borders of my photos which is why they were saved as PNG as JPEG doesn't support transparency, but it doesn't actually make any difference as the background of the text is white anyway (silly me). From 10th August onwards posts should be JPEG only, so do let me know if it makes a difference :) Thanks again! x

  4. I bought this last Tuesday and have been using it on and off since then and I can safely say I am in LOVE! I bought the Strawberry scent as it's my favourite one from The Body Shop. I hope they do release more scents, especially Raspberry (although it's limited edition... *sad face*).

    I'll be reviewing mine at some point this week. :)

    1. I nearly went for Strawberry, but I've had that scent so many times I fancied something a bit different. I hope they come out with a Raspberry too, or a Vineyard Peach scent! x


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