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Lush Christmas 2015: Re-releases

Hi everyone! I've finished reviewing all of the new items in Lush's Christmas 2015 seasonal release. As I usually do, I'm writing a final post rounding up all of the products they've re-released and that I've reviewed previously to give you a really thorough overview of all of the festive items you might be pondering whether to buy!

Butterbear £1.95 (Butterball review here)

I haven't reviewed Butterbear specifically, but it's essentially their permanent Butterball bath bomb moulded into a teddy bear shape. Butterball/bear has a lovely creamy scent and it's absolutely crammed with cocoa butter to create a super nourishing bath. I have normal skin on my body so I find this way too moisturising - it leaves my skin slick and greasy. However, those of you with dry skin will probably love this!

Candy Mountain £2.95 (review here)

Every year, Lush repackage their permanent Creamy Candy bubble bar into the festive Candy Mountain. It used to change design every year (you can see it was pink and green when I reviewed it in 2012) but they've kept it as this pink and white number for a few years on the trot now. Like Creamy Candy, it has a gorgeous sweet scent that's not dissimilar from Snow Fairy, but it lacks the fruity note.

Cinders £2.95 (review here)

Cinders is a tiny bath bomb with a warming cinnamon scent. It does turn the bath water an unfortunate yellow colour but it's a Lush classic and the perfect stocking filler!

Dashing Santa £2.95 (review here)

Dashing Santa is a really cute little bath bomb that seems to dash across the surface of the water as he fizzes. He has a bright citrus scent which is really lovely and cheery.  This is another great stocking filler, and it smells the same as the traditional clementine :)

Father Christmas (review here)

This bath bomb has a secret glittery green centre which makes it a favourite with me. It used to share its scent with Dashing Santa, but has been reformulated to smell like Snow Fairy in recent years. I can't get enough of that sweet scent so you won't hear me complaining! I've bought this one to use as my Christmas Eve bath bomb :)

First Snow £5.95 (review here)

First Snow is a dusting powder with a lovely citrus scent and a healthy dose of lustre. It leaves skin soft and sparkling; perfect for Christmas parties!

Snowman, Santa, Magic of Christmas, Snakes and Ladders & Gold Fun £5 (Green Fun review here)


Fun is essentially Play-Doh you can use in the bath, like soft but solid soap. Lush have really expanded their range of Fun, and Christmas is no exception. There are Snowman, Santa, Magic of Christmas and Snakes and Ladders themed kits which contain different colours and scents so you can get creative. There's also Gold Fun, which smells like vanilla. I haven't tried all of these individually, but I have reviewed Green Fun from the original release, so you can read that post for my thoughts on the formula!

Golden Wonder £3.95 (review here)

Golden Wonder is an absolute classic - a giant gold present that contains smaller presents inside. You can hear them if you shake it! It has an amazing boozy citrus scent and turns the water a vibrant turquoise. Lush do make alcohol free versions of this for people who don't like to use products with it in, which I think is really good. Golden Wonder is always what I use in my bath on Christmas Day!

Holly Golightly £4.95 (review here)

This bubble bar is an amazing green colour and it's coated in sparkly silver lustre. It has a warm 'hot toddy' scent and is perfect for getting in a festive mood, plus the bright green colour it turns the water is so much fun!

Luxury Lush Pud £3.95 (review here)

When I reviewed this bath bomb, it was lilac in colour but it's since been redesigned with a neon pink colourscheme. It still shares its scent with the relaxing and malty Twilight bath bomb. I love the little holly on the top!

Magic Wand £5.25 (review here)

This is one of my favourite reusable bubble bar wands that Lush make.  It smells like Snow Fairy and leaves the bath pink and bubbly. Lovely!

Rose Jam Shower Gel £4.95/£9.75/£16.50/£27.95 (review here)

This shower gel shares its scent with the bubbleroon of the same name. It's one of my favourite Lush fragrances - rose, with a lemon edge. I always pick up a bottle when it's released at Christmas!

Santa's Lip Scrub £5.50 (Mint Julips review here)

Again, I haven't reviewed this particular festive flavour (I believe it tastes like cola!) but I have reviewed Mint Julips.  Lush's lip scrubs all taste amazing and do a really good job of exfoliating the lips. I do find the sugar quite dry, though, which means they can be messy to use.

Shoot For The Stars £3.65 (review here)

This gorgeous bath bomb has the sweet caramel scent of Honey I Washed The Kids.  It transforms the bath into a gorgeous dark purple and it fills the water with tiny stars.  

Snow Fairy  £3.95/£7.95/£12.75/£21.50 (review here)

I've talked about Snow Fairy countless times on the blog.  It's pink, sparkly and smells like a bubblegum Panda Pop.  Sweet, fruity, sugary... if you have a more refined taste in scent, this probably won't appeal, but I can't get enough. I always have several backups to cheer me up when it's no longer Christmas!

Snow Angel £3.95 (review here)

I'm not keen on this bath melt because it smells like marzipan - I really hate the scent and taste of the stuff so this was never going to work!  Scent aside, this creates a lovely soft and silky bath that really nourishes the skin.

Snowman Shower Jelly £3.95 (review here)

This shower jelly is shaped like an adorable little snowman and has the same fruity scent as The Carrot bubble bar.  I love shower jellies and the bright scent of this one gets the thumbs up from me!

So White £3.65 (review here)

This bath bomb has a really cute surprise pink centre and a crisp apple scent that's really gorgeous. I definitely need to stock up before they go!

And that rounds up the Lush Christmas 2015 re-releases.  There are a few items I've missed - the soaps, facial cleanser, body lotion and lip tint. They don't interest me as much as the things I've already reviewed, and I have to limit the damage to my bank account somehow! I might review them next year if they're released again and the mood takes me :)

I hope you found these posts helpful!  I'm going to launch right back into the Oxford Street reviews starting next Wednesday, so let me know if there's anything you're particularly interested in seeing. Hopefully these posts have helped you narrow down what you want from Santa for your own bath time!

Lush Christmas 2015: Letter To Santa

Hi everyone!  I've mentioned Lush's unique product formats several times before on the blog, and today's review features a format I'd never tried before.

Lush Letter To Santa Wash Sheet Review

Enter Letter To Santa, which is a wash sheet! These were originally an exclusive Oxford Street release so I was excited to see one available online as a Christmas product. It wasn't available with the original seasonal release, and has only recently appeared.

Lush Letter To Santa Wash Sheet

Wash sheets are essentially a solid sheet of soap - Lush have a few different ones available in their Oxford Street store.  Letter To Santa is quite large - around the size of an A4 page, which is why I had to take a photo of it on my chair as it didn't fit in my usual place I take photos! It's red, and has "Dear Santa... I've been very good" written on it.  I love this little festive touch :)

Lush Letter To Santa Wash Sheet

 It has a translucent quality to it and rips easily like paper. Fresh apple pulp forms the base of this sheet, so it has a sort of rice paper quality to it. I think it's a really clever format and it's quite soft/bendable so it stores easily.

Lush Letter To Santa Wash Sheet

What I was most amazed by was how quickly and easily the wash sheet created loads of bubbles. The lather is really soft and smells beautiful - Fair Trade vanilla absolute, pine oil and gardenia extract give Letter To Santa a really sweet and heady scent. I actually think it smells very similar to Silky Underwear, even though the ingredients aren't the same. The lather leaves my skin soft and scented and I just can't get over the fact that it's essentially a sheet of paper!

Letter To Santa costs £12.95, which is quite a lot of money. However, you only need a tiny scrap of the wash sheet each time to generate enough bubbles to wash your entire body, so I can see it lasting almost as long as a large bottle of shower gel, if not more. I think the format is really fun and I'd love to try more of the different varieties in Oxford Street.

Do you like the sound of a wash sheet? Will you be writing a letter to Santa this Christmas?

This is the last of my Lush Christmas 2015 reviews!  I'll be publishing a post rounding up the re-releases that I've reviewed in previous years soon, but then I'll get back to reviewing the Oxford Street stuff as I still have loads to get through.  I hope you've enjoyed these posts :)

Friday, 27 November 2015

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Scrub in Strawberry Gum and Velour Liquid Lipsticks in Doll Parts, Hoe Hoe Hoe and Mistletoe - Review & Swatches

Hi everyone! I always admire the celebrities/brands that aren't afraid to be themselves, and Jeffree Star definitely comes under that description. He's really made a name for himself as a singer-songwriter, model, fashion designer and now he's moved onto makeup. His cosmetics line is big news at the moment, and for months I'd been keeping an eye on his liquid lipsticks releases but never being quite sure on a shade. However, when I saw the special colours he was releasing for Christmas, I had to snatch some of them up. He also released his line of lip scrubs at the same time so it would have been rude to leave one behind!

I'm afraid these shades were Christmas exclusives and some of them are sold out/unavailable, but I didn't get my order until yesterday. I have a feeling that some of them may be re-released and my review of the formula still stands so I hope this is helpful!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Scrub in Strawberry Gum and Velour Liquid Lipsticks in Doll Parts, Hoe Hoe Hoe and Mistletoe Review

Let's talk about the Velour Lip Scrub in Strawberry Gum and the Velour Liquid Lipsticks in Doll Parts, Hoe Hoe Hoe and Mistletoe :)

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Scrub in Strawberry Gum Review

The lip scrub comes in a box that's pink, of course - Jeffree's signature colour.  There are 4 different flavours available, but I went for the Strawberry Gum option.  The lip scrub has a sugar, jojoba and grapeseed oil base, with the different options containing different flavourings.  It's vegan and cruelty free, plus it's edible so you can lick it off once you've finished scrubbing.  You get 30g of product which is quite a lot for a lip scrub.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Scrub in Strawberry Gum

The scrub itself comes in a really cute jar that's lined with pink plastic.  I love the gold stars and the general branding - it's so tacky and perfect!  

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Scrub in Strawberry Gum

The scrub itself has an almost gummy texture that means the grains of sugar don't all end up dropping down your front as you scrub.  Strawberry Gum smells and tastes exactly like strawberry bubblegum - super sweet, sugary and fruity.  Delicious!

As a scrub, the grains work well to smooth the skin whilst the oils nourish the lips at the same time.  After wiping away the excess, you have the perfect base for the liquid lipsticks!

Doll Parts, Hoe Hoe Hoe and Mistletoe $18/£14

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks in Doll Parts, Hoe Hoe Hoe and Mistletoe

As these liquid lipsticks were Christmas special editions, they come in white packaging rather than the usual pink. The rose gold accents are really cute. These lipsticks are cruelty-free and vegan. You get 5.6ml per lipstick. You can use these lipsticks all over the face - not just on your lips!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks in Doll Parts, Hoe Hoe Hoe and Mistletoe

The lipsticks themselves come in clear plastic tubes with white lids - again, I believe the regular line of lipsticks features pink lids so this is a cute touch. I went for the shades Doll Parts (mid-tone pink), Hoe Hoe Hoe (shimmery deep red) and Mistletoe (pine green) but there were 2 other shades in the seasonal release (Drug Lord, a white, and Androgyny, a dark mauve). I took a close-up shot of Hoe Hoe Hoe to show that gorgeous red shimmer!  I also love the cute tongue-in-cheek shade names :)

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks in Doll Parts, Hoe Hoe Hoe and Mistletoe wand brush applicator

These lipsticks all have large, fluffy doefoot applicators that works well with the creamy formula and allows for precise application, even on my small mouth. However, I would advise going in with a small lip brush for a really clean, crisp line.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks in Doll Parts, Hoe Hoe Hoe and Mistletoe swatches on arm

Here I've swatched Doll Parts, Hoe Hoe Hoe and Mistletoe from left to right. These lipsticks start off glossy but after around a minute they dry down to the soft matte finish you can see here. They're amazingly pigmented and once set aren't going anywhere! Other reviews have mentioned quite a strong smell, but I didn't notice any scent when I was trying these.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Doll Parts swatch on lips

Doll Parts was the shade I bought as an everyday option and I definitely think it's perfect for this. Jeffree says 'this soft cool toned pink looks like Lindsay Lohan's life in the movie Mean Girls' :P I actually think there are some lilac tones to it and it does dry down much darker than it looks in the tube. It's a gorgeous colour and one I will get so much use out of.

In the full face photo, I'm wearing Doll Parts on the lips with Mistletoe as liner, but I'll talk more about that below! 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Hoe Hoe Hoe swatch on lips

I love shimmery reds, so I had to get Hoe Hoe Hoe.  Jeffree says 'this fierce red is gorgeous, deep toned and has hints of metallic red and purple throughout'. In other reviews, people had been expressing disappointment at how the shimmer didn't come out on their lips, but I do think you can see it on me!  I love how the deep red looks with green liner and think it's the perfect shade for Christmas (and year round, really).

In the full face photo, I'm wearing Hoe Hoe Hoe on the lips with Mistletoe as liner, but I'll talk more about that below!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Mistletoe on eyes

I ended up buying Mistletoe as I intended to use it solely as liner. Jeffree says 'a true Christmas tree green matte! The perfect shade to stand out this holiday season', which I think is a really accurate description of the colour. It's so cool to see brands coming out with different shades of lipstick like this.

To use this as a liner, I placed some of the lipstick on the back of my hand and then used an angled brush to apply it to the eyes. Using a small amount like this meant it set much quicker on my eyes, making it perfect for creating a bold flick that wasn't going to budge anywhere.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Mistletoe swatch on lips

I did end up swatching this on my lips for funsies, and although this isn't a colour I'd be brave enough to wear out I think it's really fun, especially with matching liner! I found the formula of this one slightly more patchy/sheer than the other two and I had to layer it up slightly to get it opaque on the lips.

I haven't worn matte liquid lipsticks for ages, so it's been really interesting to see how the new formulas available now have improved on the first liquid lipsticks. It does set down to a dry matte finish, but it feels comfortable on the lips and I barely notice I'm wearing anything at all. It wears brilliantly, even through eating and drinking (as long as you don't eat oily food!) If you do eat something that causes it to wear away, I've found it's very easy to touch up small parts as it layers well without feeling heavy or going crumbly. Every review I read said these were a nightmare to remove, but I actually found it fairly pain free using my No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes (the ones you get for cheap using the £5 voucher!)

I ordered mine from Jeffree's official website, which usually pays off as the exhange rate makes it slightly cheaper. Unfortunately for me, this didn't pay off as I ended up waiting over 3 weeks and paying a customs charge. You can still find most of the shades (except Hoe Hoe Hoe) on UK-based Cocktail Cosmetics, as well as the permanent shades in the line, so definitely go via that route if you want to get your hands on them!

I think these are the best liquid lipsticks on the market to date and I can't wait to see where Jeffree goes next with his cosmetics line. Would you wear these shades?  

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner - Review

Hi everyone!  Cult products are generally cult for a reason, although I try to remain impartial when it comes to trying something I know everybody and their dog raves about.  I'm happy to report I'm another person to add to the masses of fans of this particular item...

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner Review

Let's talk about Pixi Glow Tonic!

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner

Pixi Glow Tonic is an exfoliating toner that is designed to tone, firm and tighten the skin whilst removing dead skin cells.  It comes in a translucent orange bottle with green and rose gold accents on the label.  Pixi items all have this colourscheme which makes them instantly recogniseable.  I think it's cute and a little bit different, which always appeals to me!

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner ingredients

Glow Tonic works using a range of botanical ingredients; aloe vera juice, witch hazel, horse chestnut seed extract and ginseng root extract work together to treat the skin.  It's the 5% glycolic acid in this toner that exfoliates and helps remove dead skin cells, revealing smoother and brighter skin.  Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid, which have become a must-have ingredient in skincare recently.

Chemical exfoliants are gentler on the skin than physical exfoliants (for example, a face scrub with jojoba beads) because there's no risk of accidentally scrubbing too hard and damaging the skin.  I do still love a good face scrub, but I think it's important to note!

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner

The bottle dispenses the tonic through a small hole so you don't have to worry about accidentally using too much.  You apply the Glow Tonic to a cotton pad and sweep it over your face and neck, avoiding the eye area.  The tonic has a very, very slight yellow tint and a 
green smell - like when you stick your nose into a bunch of flowers!

When I first began using Glow Tonic, I noticed a very slight tingle to my skin as I adjusted to the acid, but it was never uncomfortable or painful.  I now don't notice any tingling at all when I use it.  I use it both morning and night after cleansing and before moisturising.  As this toner does contain exfoliating acid, it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun so I always make sure to apply SPF in the morning (which you should do anyway, even in winter!)

I've noticed such an improvement in my skin's texture and appearance since incorporating Glow Tonic into my routine, and have already purchased my second bottle which says it all!  Breakouts heal quicker, redness is reduced and the bumpiness on my cheeks I could never quite shift has been really minimised.  You get 250ml for £18 so it is pricey, but one bottle lasts around 4 months for me and I think the results are worth it.  Believe the hype - if you haven't tried this already, you should!  I would love to try more of Pixi's skincare too.

I'm now tempted to try a stronger acid toner to see if I get even better results.  Do you have any recommendations?

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Lush Christmas 2015: Yog Nog Bath Bomb

Hi everyone! I'm nearly at the end of my Lush Christmas 2015 reviews, but I saved one of the best products for last.

Lush Yog Nog Bath Bomb Review

Let's talk about Yog Nog! This is a bath bomb based on the soap of the same name.

Lush Yog Nog Bath Bomb Review

Yog Nog is a large, pale yellow bath bomb that has really pretty star designs on the surface. It looks similar to Yog Nog soap, which is also a golden colour and features star designs moulded into it. The centre of the bath bomb has some white to it too.

Lush Yog Nog Bath Bomb in bath

In the water, Yog Nog started fizzing away really quickly and reveals a much brighter yellow centre. The water became a really bright lemon yellow and white foam covered the surface of the water.  

Lush Yog Nog Bath Bomb

I was really happy to see the centre of the bath bomb contained a surprise - a yellow bath melt!

Lush Yog Nog Bath Bomb in bath

The end result was a creamy dreamy yellow bath! The bath melt made the water beautifully soft and silky, and the scent was very sweet and custard-like - just like a Werther's Original! This is due to the clove bud and ylang ylang oils, with organic shea butter, soya milk powder, extra virgin coconut oil and organic jojoba oil adding the moisturising properties.

I loved the sweet and creamy scent of this bath bomb, and the soft water was lovely too. My skin was scented for hours afterwards and the sunny yellow bath water brightened up the bathroom. This is a must try in my opinion and I hope to stock up before they all go!  You can try Yog Nog yourself for £3.95.

I don't like soap, so I'm glad to be able to enjoy the scent of Yog Nog in a different format. Do you like the sound of a custardy bath?