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The Tanning Process

Spray tanning is a simple way to immediately acquire a beautiful, even and healthy tan thanks to the addition of moisturisers with the colour. Extremely popular, spray tanning allows a tan as light or as dark as you want, regardless of skin type, age or gender.

Tanning solutions

There are two tanning solutions, one is clear and slowly develops the tan over a number of hours, and the other is a bronze tanning solution which gives the appearance of a tan immediately. There are three levels of tanning. The first is a light tan for people with very light skin who usually burn easily. The second is a natural tan for people with light skin, but who do not sunburn easily. The third level is for those with darker skin who tan easily. After the spray tanning procedure, an optional extra spray can be added, which is a strong hydrating solution rich in antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients. This removes the characteristic smell of fake tan and helps the skin appear younger.

How it Works

Before the procedure itself, after removing clothes, you step on adhesive patches that will protect your feet from the solution. On the drier parts of the body like the knees, elbows and palms of the hands a blocking cream is applied to stop the excessive absorption of the bronzing solution. The spraying procedure itself takes a few minutes, during which the technician gives tips on how to stand in order for the solution to be applied evenly over the body.

Automatic spray tanning system

Automatic spray tans offer an even colour, using a range of tanning levels so that you can have the one colour applied evenly over the body. This is a fast and simple procedure where you are secluded in a booth.

Manual tanning system

If different levels of tanning colours are required for different parts of the body, or if a darker level of tanning is required than can be applied automatically, a manual tanning procedure will need to be performed by a spray technician. The spray gun also has an air jet that dries the solution during the application, so that within a couple of minutes of the tanning being finished, you can put clothes back on. Manual tanning is good for those with medical conditions such as vitiligo, but for those surprised by an early tan to forearms in Spring.

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