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We all want to look our best when doing our makeup, using products that work well, on skin that is well cared for to create the best canvas for our artistry. Here are some hints and tips about makeup that will make sure you get the best results. None of us lives long enough to make all the mistakes, so some of the things not to do are included here alongside recommendations.

Skin Do's and Dont's

DO apply makeup to a clean, grease-free face. If your skin is not clean, then the surface is not smooth for the make-up to sit on and will look dull.

DO wash makeup sponges so that they become clear of the foundation. Not washing sponges creates a home for bacteria which can lead to skin breakouts. After regular washing of the sponges, leave them to air dry.

x DON’T fall asleep whilst still wearing makeup. Foundation and concealer can clog pores and cause spots. It really is important to cleanse, tone and moisturise to remove all impurities and give the skin the oil it needs.

x DON’T smile when applying blush to the apples of your cheeks. This is because when you smile the cheeks rise up which means that when you’re not smiling the blush is too low and close to the mouth

Foundation Do's and Dont's

DO blend in a colour correcting concealer using your fingers, as the warmth from the skins helps with the blending. Use just a small amount and use translucent power on top, so it doesn’t mix with the foundation colour.

DO be sure to use the correct colour correcting concealer for your needs. Use a green tone to cancel out redness. Use an orange tone to cancel out blue tones and hyperpigmentation. Use a yellow tone to conceal any purple tones and use a purple tone to remove yellow undertones.

x DON’T apply too much foundation, or it will look unnatural and heavy. Start with a small amount and only add more if you need more coverage, so you have a flawless and natural look.

Eyes Do's and Dont's

DO keep the natural shape of your eyebrows and only tweeze them after a shower, as this is when pores are open due to the heat and the hairs will be much easier to remove.

x DON’T apply another coat of mascara to the one you’ve already been wearing all day. You need to prepare the eyelashes before you touch up and can do this by wetting a clean spoolie brush and combing that through the lashes before applying the next coat.

x DON’T use an oily concealer under the eye as it will gather into fine lines over time.

x DON’T try and remove waterproof mascara with normal eye-maker remover but use only waterproof eye-makeup remover. Anything else will mean the eyelashes are likely to be damaged because of the rough handling and the mascara still will not be removed.

x DON’T assume your brow filler needs to be a shade darker. Use a shade that either matches or is slightly lighter than your brow colour for more naturally defined brows without a severe contrast. This does not apply if you have blonde eyebrows when going a shade or two darker stops brows looking washed out or non-existent.

Lips Do's and Dont's

DO use a lip brush when applying either lip gloss or lipstick. this not only means you have a more accurate application but also means the risk of the gloss or colour being contaminated by bacteria is reduced.

DO choose a shade that is either lighter or darker than your natural lip colour if you want the perfect nude lipstick. Sometimes, if the match is too close with some skin tones, it can look a bit ghostly

x DON’T go overboard with lipliner. Whilst celebs are rocking over-lined pouts to create the appearance of a fuller-looking pout, make sure that you are only slightly applying it outside your lip line to keep your makeup look from veering too far out there.

x DON’T use dark-coloured lipsticks on thin lips as dark colours make lips appear smaller. Instead, use bright, rich colours to highlight the lips. A classic red suits all types.

General Makeup advice

DO learn more about makeup so that you can get the best care for your skin and the best make up for the look you want to create. Consider a visit to a makeup professional who can review your makeup and may be able to help you try new ideas and ditch some unhealthy old habits.

x DON’T follow a trend just because it is the fashion, but first, make sure that the style suits you or you run the risk that you might look like a clown. For some people, the style for heavy eyebrows or for stripes of blush or smudged dark eyeshadow just does not work. And that is OK.

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