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A professional makeup artist for your event or wedding can apply makeup that is camera ready with the lighting levels available at the time the pictures are being taken. This also means applying makeup that lasts a lot longer than usual and under more challenging conditions, whether this is due to sweat from exertion or through tears of emotion. A professional makeup artist can deal with these and many more challenging situations.

Most makeup artists will have a mix of different products from a few favourite brands, but there is usually one main brand they will use that they are most comfortable with. These are usually top-quality products and will look good for a while. Be wary of a makeup artist who uses a brand you have never heard of as they may be made from lower quality ingredients that may not be as gentle on the skin.

Meeting up to discuss, plan, and create the perfect look is good preparation for a public appearance, adds confidence on the day itself and also allows for any changes necessary if you change your mind to create the perfect look.

Contact should be made as soon as possible so that you can reserve your date as soon as possible, as your choice of a professional makeup artist will impact significantly on the outcome of your photos.

If you want wedding makeup, this can take anything from 30 minutes to an hour. If you want makeup for a Halloween party to include prosthetics, you need to ask the question to know how long you need to factor in to get ready, it could be a long while, and if there is more than one person needing the makeup artist, it could be an early start

Some makeup artists charge extra to apply false eyelashes or special touch-ups or for travel. If extra charges are added, or the prices change at a later date without warning, this is a red flag, and you should rebook with someone else.

Some makeup artists make it clear in their terms and conditions that they may not be the person who turns up on the day, even if they have been the person who has met and connected with you and who has also done a trial run of the makeup with you.

If the makeup artist mentions their team a lot, you do want to ask for confirmation as to who will attend on the big day, do not assume it will be. Obviously, there are emergencies, and perhaps another makeup artist will attend on the day, but it is worth asking the question about what will happen in case of emergency the makeup artist cannot make the occasion. Most will have a couple of makeup artists they can call if something unforeseen happens. These will be people they trust and recommend.

These are just some of the questions to ask, but feel free to add any questions of your own. You can send your questions at: contact@maliberrymakeup.com